Friday, February 13, 2015

Hot Shot: Baby North at the Kanye x Addidas Installment

Okay! Hello, y'all! Welcome back to the blog! I've missed you all and I hope that the feeling is mutual!
As you can tell from the title, I will NOT be talking about the Kanye x Adidas collaboration because for me, it was dry. It was dryyy and I was unenthused, so I'm passing on the opportunity to review the installment but I'll link it off above!
I was also quite confused as to how Kylie Jenner has become a model overnight. . . But, that is neither here nor there *sips tea*
Anyway, what I AM here to talk about is my booboo North. 
First, I just love that little face of hers--she's just the absolute cutest.
Second, in no way am I here to bash the fact that a baby threw a temper tantrumwhich is natural for a child of North's age to havebut, I am here to address Beyoncé's facial expressions and body language. Say what you want, but she had a right to feel annoyed at the showwhy would you bring a child (less than five years of age) to a fashion show anyway? It wasn't a traditional runway fashion show either, it was an installment which, ultimately, takes longer to execute (especially if you want it to be a success). I get that Kanye wanted to have his grandest muse present, but there is always a place and a timebut, a crowd full of esteemed indiviuals of the fashion and music industry was not it.
Third, I am not saying this it is WRONG to bring your child to a fashion show (or installment), but why would you want to? Children are not purses or fur stoles to show off, they need to be taken care of! They want to drink on juice boxes, read books, and play with a LeapFrog laptop not sit in the front row of Balmain's S/S 2015 fashion presentation with paparazzi in their faces! People with children may take this personal, but my point comes from the perspective of a child and (especially) of a fashion show goerthere is nothing worse than a whining and irritated baby or child. Keep them home, it, literally, benefits everyone.
Lastly, I think this is a lesson learned for Kim and Kanye (hopefully). There is plenty of time to involve North in fashion showstrust and believe Tommy Hilfiger, Givenchy, and J. Crew will be expecting her to walk in all of their debut children's collectionsjust give it time. For right now, can we stick to play dates with Blue Ivy and Harper Victoria?

I don't know. . . what do y'all think?
More pictures below!

Thanks for reading!
XoXo - Bazaar 

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