Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fashion Month | The BazaarLifeStyleNY

Fashion Month | The BazaarLifeStyleNY

Hello, lovlies! Yes, the long awaited "Fashion Month" is upon us, thus the beginning of NYFW 2015! Fashion month is (probably) the most exciting time in any fashion/beauty insider's existence and to be able to watch online to see visions come to life is extraordinary! Getting the scoop from makeup artists and hairstylists will be my job during this snowstorm, so keep an eye out for pictures!
Starting in NYC and bouncing around to London, France, Italy,'s going to be an amazing ride and I am TOO excited about all of the fresh, new trends of the year!

BUT, before I get ahead of myself, I did say that "Fashion Month" kicks off in NYC and it is cooold (burr) and snowy! Here is a monochromatic look I created to get you prepared for the cold in a stylish way!

Want more inspiration?
Check out my Polyvore to see all of my sets with ensembles (created by me) specifically for NYFW! Today is only Day #3, but expect more looks very, very soon!
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Also, gotta have what's in the picture?
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Love y'all and thanks for stopping by!
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