Friday, February 6, 2015

10 Habits I'd Like to Build: February

I'm always inspired by other people relishing in their success. My greatest inspirations vary from Shirley and Gracie (two amazing bloggers) to Beyoncé and Jay-Z
all of whom I admire for living their lives un-apologetically and originally; they strategically make moves that are significantly more successful than the last. With that said, I've sat down and brainstormed 10 habits that I'd like to strengthen this month. Really, the idea is to gain 10 new habits each month to ensure that I'm doing everything to become a success.
So, without further adieu, I present to you my 10 Habits of February:

1). Write at least one journal entry each night. Just like any other human, I hold my feelings inside (mostly in my head), so by writing in a journal I can express feelings that I don't talk about and go to sleep with a clear head (beauty rest is imperative).

2). Drink one whole cup (I have a cup that's 24 - 48 oz) of water when I wake up and before I go to bed to maintain basic health and radiant skin.

3). Complete my morning and evening skincare routine. . . every day! Yes, sometimes I would like to fall into bed with my clothes and makeup on, but wrinkles and pimples come easy and are hard to rid!

4). Clean my room every week of things not needed! There's nothing worse than a cluttered room of pure junk—a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind!

5). Look into the mirror every morning and complete this daily affirmation: "I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am talented. And, if I work hard, remain determined and true to my beliefs, all of my dreamsand morewill come true."

6). Enroll in a gym and continue my transition to pescetarianism. So far, I've done a 14 Day Detox that has done wonders for my digestive system and has given me such a huge boost in my energy. My favorite exercises are kickboxing and workouts heavy in cardio to help melt fat! Lose the fat then gain the muscle! (Yes, I am about that squat life)

7). Continuously update my blog with new ideas! I've been doing a lot of cooking and at home exercise research, so I'm excited to bring you guys on this journey with me! Besides, if it could help someone with their eating habits along the way, it's a win-win.

8). In conjunction with number 7, I've been really trying to get my name out there for styling, so posting on Polyvore daily is another goal. But, do check here for fashion posts! Once I'm comfortable enough, I shall posts OOTDs!

9). Try to take an hour out of each day to read a book! My life is all about social media, so it'll be refreshing to get away from the cyber world and curl up next to a good book! I'm currently reading Girl Boss by Sofia Amoruso and plan on moving to Peace from Broken Pieces by Iyanla Vanzant next. Comment below and tell me what you plan on reading!

10). Always keep in mind the positive/good things in my life and brainstorm ways to make the not-so-good things, better. It's so easy to sink into negative feelings when I feel like things in my life are not going well and I tend to forget to be grateful for the great things that are present! As they say, "Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything."

I hope that my list of habits inspire you all to make your own lists. Utilize every day and take an opportunity to change what can be changed and improve what is unbroken.

See you soon!

XoXo - Bazaar

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