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Spotlight: Tina Fey's Elle Cover

Hello, my beauties! It has been an absolute ridiculous amount of time since I've posted on my blog. . . but, my career moves are allowing me more time to focus on the creative part of my life!
Since I've been away for so long, I figured that I would make a post about a celebrity that has been on my favorites list for a while--and that celebrity (if you haven't quite figured it out yet) is Tina Fey!
I've been absolutely adoring the direction her career is going and how her empire has grown since her popular role in the movie "Baby Mama". 

I wish I had access to the rest of the photoshoot, but I will buy the magazine and do a full review on my youtube channel at The BazaarLifeStyle NY!
The real reason I haven't made the magazine purchase JUST yet is because I'm dying to see what the alternate cover looks like for Elle magazine subscribers--but, I absolutely adore the stand copy as well!

I feel like this is one (of many) great move for Tina! I feel like this is only going to boost her career as a new found fashion reference--although, I don't think that was her goal.
I've been dying to dive into her (somewhat) new book "Bossypants", but for whatever reason, the hesitation is SO real! I've picked up Sophia Amoruso's, #GirlBoss, and the late great Betty Halbreich's, I'll Drink to That, . . . so, I feel like it's the next natural move! (Btw -  if you have not read any of the two books, do yourself a favor!).
On my next trip for coffee. . .  which may be within the next fifteen minutes, I just might pick it up and do a review on my blog! Agreed?

Does she not look absolutely astounding on this cover? 
She's slaying for every last God, sitting atop their cloud, in complete devastation of her clear audacity. You go, Tina! 
This was a great cover choice and I applaud Elle (*insider scoop* - who has since lost Joe Zee, their former Creative Director, to Yahoo! style)!

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