Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The BazaarLifeStyleNY - A Journey to Re-discovery

What is a person to do when they fall flat? Do they just lie there for a second, trying to regain all consciousness? Do they immediately get right back up, like a stunned deer? Or do they slowly rise to a sitting position? Is there a right and wrong reaction to this kind of thing?
I'm asking because. . . Well. . . I fell. Hard. I was splattered all over the ground; on parked cars; on passing cars; on buildings, passersby, lampposts, fire hydrants, parking meters--I was splattered everywhere. There wasn't a piece of me that was left in tact. Devastation had hit me like it had never hit me before--I had lost my job. It's brave of me to sit here and type it down in this moment when just a week ago I could barely say it out loud without crying. 
You'll say, "A job is just a job, you'll get another."
I'll say, "When you've put in the amount of hard work and dedication that I've put into that job, you'll understand why I'm so deeply hurt."
Life is interesting, you know, how it works. It can bring you to the bottom and then raise you high into the sky. My job wasn't the best and neither were a majority of the people, but from losing my job the way I did taught me to be forever humble and grateful for what I have--no matter how awful or amazing--a blessing is a blessing.
So, now I'm rising to my sitting position. I have slight body pains and a severe headache, but I think I'll live. I'm re-creating everything I believe in--including myself; you could say I'm on a journey of re-discovery.

Allow me to re-introduce myself *clears throat*: my name is Imani Ashante, many don't know what I love or what hobbies I keep, but they'll learn soon enough.
I am a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and vlogger--welcome to my journey.

XoXo - Bazaar

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